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Mother’s Day “Love Your Mum” Set

Mother’s Day Set

Member Price:$598/ Non-Member Price:$698

There is no way better to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a Mother’s Day [Love Your Mum] Set honor your beautiful, hardworking, Marvelous Mum today. 

 Treat your Marvellous Miracle Mum to a Magnificent Meal. We have a beautiful Seafood Chowder Soup, a super Sea Scallop & Waldorf Salad Garnished with Crab Meat, a Marvelous Meat Platter, and a Rainbow Layered Sponge Cake. 

Treat your Mammy like a Queen; come and celebrate your LOVE for MUM at Ruby Tuesdays!

Period:6-14 May 2023  

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