According to Centre for Health Protection Department of Health announced have two people who visited MCP Central has been confirmed to have COVID-19.

MCP Central will CLOSED until to 3pm on 3 April, Ruby Tuesday will re-open after 3pm and additional deep-clean and sanitize restaurants before re-open. Ruby Tuesday MCP Central shop at the beginning build up already included the Disinfection equipment as standard, such as installed certificate UV-C light Disinfection equipment, auto wash hand machine and disinfectant.

Our standards have always been consistent; we have eight checklists, we use them twice a day;

  • We deep clean our restaurants every day
  • Our managers walk through and check the restaurants every 30-minutes
  • We use GREEN buckets for detergent and general cleaning and RED buckets for sanitizing and disinfection
  • All employees wear a mask, we wash and sanitize our hands frequently
  • Our servers use a chemical sanitizing spray for on the go cleaning
  • We provide sanitizing hand gel at the door
  • We take everyone’s temperature at the door – to keep you, us, and all inside safe
  • We provide a paper bag so that you can hygienically store your facemask while you enjoy your meal
  • We’ve installed screens to keep you safe
  • We’ve reduced the number of seats as per the government requirements, and

All of our checklists are on a mobile app; the team records their completion within strict parameters. The management team can access the system anytime, anywhere, to ensure that the checklists were completed in their entirety, on time, and on-location!

We care about our health, and we care about your health; Ruby Tuesday wishes you, your family, and all your friends’ good health!

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