• Ribs & Chops

    • Fork-Tender Ribs<br>經典燒排骨

      Fork-Tender Ribs<br>經典燒排骨

      Our signature Slow-cooked and Fork-tender Ribs served with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables.

      Classic BBQ 經典燒烤汁
      Basted with Ruby’s signature BBQ Sauce.

      Honey BBQ 蜜糖燒烤汁
      Basted with a sweet and tangy Honey BBQ Sauce.

      Half-rack 半份 $338 | Full-rack 全份 $428
      Half-rack 半份 $169 | Full-rack 全份 $214

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    • Ribs Sampler<br>燒排骨拼盤

      Ribs Sampler<br>燒排骨拼盤

      Original: $428
      Member: $214

      Combining two Half-rack of the Classic BBQ and Honey BBQ Fork-tender Ribs on one platter.

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    • Triple Play<br>露比三合一拼盤

      Triple Play<br>露比三合一拼盤

      Original: $418
      Member: $209

      A winning combination of three great items. Half-rack of Fork-tender Ribs, crispy Shrimps and Chicken Tenders, served with Vegetables and either Baked or Mashed Potatoes.

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    • Ribs & Wings<br>燒排骨雞翼拼盤

      Ribs & Wings<br>燒排骨雞翼拼盤

      Original: $398
      Member: $199

      Chicken Wings in Teriyaki or Buffalo Sauce, paired with a Half-rack of Fork-tender Ribs, served with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables.

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    • Mini Pork Knuckle<br>迷你經典德國脆豬手

      Mini Pork Knuckle<br>迷你經典德國脆豬手

      Original: $348
      Member: $174

      Mini Pork Knuckle served with Fries.

      *Slow-cooked to perfection, we only have a limited number everyday, please ask about availability, or order the day before.

    • Pork Rack<br>穀飼豬鞍架

      Pork Rack<br>穀飼豬鞍架

      Original: $388
      Member: $194

      Served with a Mushroom Sauce and a side of Mashed Potatoes, and Mixed Fresh Vegetables.

      (not available at Tuen Mun)

      • KETO Diet Option