• Premium Steakhouse

      * These menu items are cooked to order.

      [Notice] Consuming raw or undercooked Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Shellfish, or Eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.

    • Rib Eye *<br>10安士肉眼扒

      Rib Eye *

      Non-Members: $368
      Members: $184

      10-ounce Steak served with Seasonal Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes.

    • Wagyu Sirloin *<br>頂級和牛西冷扒

      Wagyu Sirloin *

      Non-Members: $508
      Members: $254

      10-ounce-marble-graded Australian Wagyu served with Loaded Baked Potato and Mixed Vegetables.

    • Grilled Lamb Platter *<br>烤羊扒拼盤

      Grilled Lamb Platter *

      Non-Members: $368
      Members: $184

      T-bone Lamb Steak, Grilled Rack and Lamb Neck combination served with Mashed Potatoes and a Mushroom Sauce.

    • Steak & Lobster *<br>牛扒龍蝦尾對對碰

      Steak & Lobster *

      Non-Members: $408
      Members: $208

      8-ounce New York Steak and Grilled Lobster Tail served with Seasonal Vegetables, Mashed Potatoes or Baked Potato.

    • Premium Aged Prime Sirloin *<br>特級Aged Prime西冷扒

      Premium Aged Prime Sirloin *
      特級Aged Prime西冷扒

      Non-Members: $428
      Members: $214

      12-ounce-cut Prime Beef served with Loaded Baked Potato and Mixed Vegetables.